Don Imbus Garauntee

DIG - 5 Point Guarantee

Hello, my name is Don Imbus, and I am a Business Broker.

You may think all brokers are pretty much same, but here a a few things that make me a little different:

I was a business OWNER just like you are.  I owned a successful equipment sales & service dealership for many years.

I managed to turn that business around from nearly "out of business" during the recession, to becoming a large and profitable dealership.  It was very rewarding. But after 10 years I had simply lost my passion, so I decided to sell the business and do something else with my time and resources.  Unfortunately, I had no idea how to go about it, or what the business might be worth.

A colleague suggested that I talk to a business broker, and oh my, what a disappointment that was!  Selling your business is a big deal!  It's a substantial asset! And, more than anything, it's a very delicate process. If you're lucky you might find a business broker you can connect with, and most importantly, someone that you can trust!

I spoke to several brokers before I finally found one who was a good fit, and helped me sell my business on my terms.  Through this process, I also learned a lot along the way about business brokers.


Throughout my career, I've worked with business owners in many different capacities.  I've always admired the people who get things done in life.  So, after selling my dealership, I decided my new purpose would be to help business owners like me to sell their businesses when they were ready.

But I wanted them to have a great experience during the entire process.  A process that addresses the biggest concerns that Sellers have, while also overcoming the common weaknesses that Brokers have.  That's why I developed a different approach that I call D.I.G., the Don Imbus Guarantee.  It's completely unique in this business, and I've put my name behind it!

D.I.G. is an exclusive 5-Point Guarantee:
  • Confidentiality
  • Transparency
  • Communication
  • Satisfaction
  • and most importantly, Results!


Want to learn more about the D.I.G. Guarantee and how I can help you reach your objectives? Let me show you how I'll DIG deeper. Just send me your email address and I’ll send you “How to find the right business broker for you in 60 seconds.”

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Contact Me

Donald "Don" Brian Imbus, PLLC, Agent

A.B.B. of Southwest Florida, Inc.
d/b/a American Business Brokers
8191 College Pkwy, Suite 306
Fort Myers, FL 33919

Office: (239) 425-0677
Office Fax: (877) 858-0047
Don's Mobile: (239) 216-7062
Don's Email:

Fee Basis and Policies

Commission and Fees are presented at the time a Valuation is completed, and are documented in the Listing Agreement. Commissions are generally paid by the Seller, earned only upon the successful transaction of the business, and paid at closing.

For more information please visit my "Selling A Business" page.

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